World Leading
Industrial Augmented Decision Platform
JarviX revolutionizes traditional enterprise data processes by enabling non-technical staff to perform no-code analysis and app building. This greatly enhances collaboration between OT and IT, addressing efficiency, cost, and value challenges faced by enterprises in their digital transformation journey.
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Efficiently create value from data, drive innovation, enhance competitive advantages, and achieve 10x ROI
Our Solutions are Recognized and Adopted by Top Enterprises
JarviX for Executives
Standardized reports
Unable to extract value from data
JarviX proactively tracks your most important operational KPIs
and presents them in a visual format,
allowing you to quickly answer your next business decision question in seconds.
By bypassing the lengthy process of generating analysis reports,
it accelerates the process of turning data into value.
JarviX for Everyone
When analysis becomes more efficient
work becomes more enjoyable
JarviX automates important but highly
repetitive data analysis,
easily transforming vast amounts of
cross-departmental information
into graphical reports,
saving you a lot of time and allowing you
to focus on innovation and improving performance.
JarviX bridges the gap between data and value for businesses
Horizontal integration reduces management costs. Vertical integration increases data value.
All-in-one AnalyticOps Platform
Streamline data-to-value process
JarviX extracts the essential steps of the data analysis process and integrates them into its advanced big data architecture. It bridges IoT, data governance, situational monitoring, data exploration, AutoML, and simulation with digital twinning to accelerate AI transformation for enterprise.
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Product Features
Integrating BI+AI with no-code to create a user-centric augmented decision platform
Data Factory
Provide data cleaning and table linking functions, flexible integration of file formats, as well as direct import mode for connecting to SQL databases.
Root cause analysis
By simply chatting with JarviX, deep data mining can be performed from multiple perspectives, including root cause analysis, correlation analysis, and variance analysis, to quickly identify the key factors of the problem.
AutoML platform
JarviX's AutoML module uses Grid Search method and cross-validation of multiple models to verify the effectiveness of optimization for the current problem, thereby enhancing the value of data mining.
Simulation and digital twin
With an intuitive interface that only requires dragging and clicking, you can directly create interactive dashboards, war rooms, alerts, and more, driving and improving operational KPIs to optimize algorithms and truly achieve the last mile of end-to-end manufacturing scenarios from data to intelligent decision-making.
Bridging the last mile of data collection: IoT
Integrating Odin 5G Gateway
Redefines the digital ecosystem
With low integration and maintenance costs, it seamlessly connects sensors, edge computing gateways, and the JarviX decision AI big data analysis platform. JarviX supports accurate provision of equipment diagnostics and predictive information, integrates equipment maintenance with production scheduling plans, and significantly improves equipment utilization.
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Synergies Leads the Business Domain in the Augmented Analytics Market
Gartner Global Top 40
in Augmented Analytics Tools
Gartner Global Top 40
in Augmented Analytics Tools
Gartner APAC
in AI Startup
Hannover Messe Top 10
Robotics Award Finalist
CIO Review in North America
20 Most promising cognitive solution providers
Michael Chang, Founder and CEO of Synergies
We use conversational interactive technology to drive data analysis and create the industrial equivalent of ChatGPT, helping companies streamline the process of turning data to valuable assets effortlessly.
CIO of top five global LCD panel suppliers
It is a simple, fast and intuitive experience analyzing data with JarviX. It really helps enhance work efficiency across teams.
CIO of leading international industrial computer supplier
JarviX enables us to instantly and dynamically grasp various data, significantly enhancing the accuracy of material inventory forecasting and improving meeting decision-making efficiency.
Our Solutions have been Widely Recognized and Adopted
Achieve digital transformation through JarviX