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Synergies Business GPS™ is the world's first business navigation system that applies artificial intelligence technology to make smarter business decisions. Deep learning algorithms and big data analytical tools, derived from a powerful combination of multiple algorithms — such as neural networks, probabilistic graphical model, gradient boosting models, — underpin our Business GPS™ system that gives customers fast and persuasive advice.


SyFusion is an end-to-end feature generation framework that automatically generate features from data. Whether it is external unstructured data, or internal structured data, SyFusion performs the first feature extraction for each subsequent data operation using artificial intelligence algorithms.

SyAI Frame

In the past, traditional data science teams needed to analyze data using specific manual rule-based methods to generate forecasts. Today our SyAI Frame, an artificial intelligence framework built on Bayesian probabilistic learning models and deep learning algorithms, overcomes the requirement of the manual rule formulation to analyze data of any size and generates more reliable forecasts.

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