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Core Team Members

Michael Chang

CEO & President

Before establishing Synergies, Michael built one of the awarding-winning early big data asset management funds in 2011. He has extensive experience in data science, supply chain management, finance and bioinformatics. His work has been featured on the cover stories on several tier-1 journals including Nature Methods and Applied Physics Letters. Michael held a Ph.D from MIT EECS. He is currently the adjunct professor in AI program at National Taipei University and University of Shanghai for Science and Technology.

David Nicktenhauser


Former Quantitative Portfolio Manager at ADIA

Former Merrill Lynch Analyst

Cornell University B.S. in Economics

Prasanth Varma

Lead Data Scientist

Former Goldman Sachs Quantitative Analyst

UIUC M.S. in Financial Engineering

IIT M.S. in Mathematics & Physics

Theon Lin

Lead Engineer

Former Lead Engineer at Whoscall

NCTU M.S. in Artificial Intelligence

Collaborations with Top Academic Institutions

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

TsingHua University

Academia Sinica

University of Hamburg

National Chiao Tung University

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