Navigation System for Supply Chain Management

Synergies Intelligent Supply Chain Management System

The wide variety of commercial goods and multi-channel sales opportunities has made it increasingly difficult to accurately forecast market demand in the supply chain industry. —Supply chain managers are asking: What will sales volume be? How should we price our products? What kinds of promotions should we offer? Do we have enough inventory to meet the service level requirements? How much safety stock should be maintained?—Every aspect of supply chain management is becoming more complex, and the supply chain industry no longer can rely on past experience or on sales volume forecasts provided by the terminal product providers to make decisions.

Challenges facing the Supply Chain Management Industry

When Supply Chain meets A.I.

Synergies intelligent supply chain management system is an artificial intelligence system developed by a group of scientists who are graduates of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cornell University, Indian Institute of Technology. By applying deep learning algorithms and big data analytics to data, our system provides enterprises with immediate and comprehensive information about operational requirements. Our system called “Business GPS™” for supply chain is a navigation system for supply chain enterprises that finds the best pathways for making smarter decisions.


Seamlessly integrates and instantly accesses company's internal data to perform real-time analysis.


Customizes AI algorithms and easily applies them to solving supply chain problems in manufacturing, procurement, and distribution.


Algorithms that self-learn and self-optimize for error reduction.

Semantic Search

Semantic search functionality to find relevant answers with high precision.

AI Interface

Intuitive user interface to better understand recommendations for better decision-making.

One-click decision

“One-click” access to review recommended solutions for multiple scenarios.

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