Intelligent wealth management system
to better serve your customers.


AI Driven Investing

With the development of big data and artificial intelligence, it’s time to apply these technologies to the financial services industry. Using innovative investment portfolio construction and rebalancing techniques, our cloud wealth management system helps investors to make better investment decisions quickly and cheaply.

Customer Insights

Synergies’ Robo-Advisor evaluates customers’ investment needs objectively using machine learning algorithms. Now you can precisely understand a customer’s risk tolerances and return expectations to deliver the most suitable investment strategy.

Easy Investing

Synergies’ Robo-Advisor system delivers intelligent investment strategies to our customers by applying innovative investment portfolio construction and rebalancing techniques derived from the models developed by Nobel Laureates.

Asset Visibility

Our Robo-Advisor system delivers asset visibility through user-friendly interface. Asset holdings information is displayed with a single click. Rather than requiring your customers to spend time to learn a new investment tool, our system will easily meet your customers’ needs.

Significant Features of Our Robo-Advisor

Auto Rebalancing

Customized Investing Strategy

Nobel-Prize Winning Model

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